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The Hebrew Yahushua vs The Greek Jesus

Yeshua (Jesus) wrestled with the Pharisees Presenter: Nehemia Gordon,  is a Karaite Jew. He was born to a Jewish family of Rabbis. He rejected the Talmud and became a Karaite.  Please note: I’ve posted this video for reference to show how the Jewish Rabbi’s keep their traditions rather than obeying God’s commandments. What you hear in this […]

The Book of Enoch

 WWW.SCRIPTURAL-TRUTH.COM Visit channel by by Apocryphile1970 dedicated to the promotion of the Bible & Apocryphal literature. There are many references to apocryphal books throughout the Old & New Testaments. Jude calls Enoch the 7th from Adam, meaning the book is Pre-Flood in origin. Scholars disagree, taking a position. James quotes […]