The Lost and Rejected Sprictures

The Encyclopedia of Lost and Rejected Scriptures: The Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha

The Book of Enoch is a treasure, perhaps hidden away just for these last days. Many know of it, but few know of its contents. Can this ancient text be trusted? Is it credible? J. R. Church and Gary Stearman take you on a comprehensive, cover-to-cover tour of this amazing book. You will learn about the fallen angels who entered Earth through a “stargate,” located on the peak of Mt. Hermon, where they swore an oath to complete their corrupting work among men. Enoch enters a flying house and journeys to heaven, sheol and all around the world! His descriptions are absolutely breathtaking in their realism; he literally travels through time!

Although never placed in the canon of Scripture, it has long been held, by both Jews and Gentiles alike, to be an authentic and valuable work. J. R. Church was always fascinated, but frustrated, that so little credible research had been done on it. He wanted to compare the writings of Enoch to the Bible and searched in vain for a usable commentary. So he wrote his own!

Was the ancient Book of Enoch that stirs the imaginations of men? Was the Book of Enoch viewed as authentic Scripture by the early church? Does it really give us the names of the fallen angels, inside information on their great sin, and the details of their plea for mercy and ultimate imprisonment by God?

Is Enoch’s description of heaven and hell biblical? Did Enoch really meet Jesus when he was taken to Heaven and what did he call Him? Did Enoch take a tour of planet Earth in a celestial vehicle piloted by angels? Aha! Now we know why so many people are curious about this historical book. It stretches our minds and seems to fill in the gaps in the biblical accounts.

But since Enoch was not included in the original canon should we give it any credibility?

Therein lies the question. Can we trust the book we have today? Irenaeus, Justin Martyr and Tertullian seemed to think so, and Jude referenced the words of Enoch in his brief New Testament book. Fortunately for us, J.R. Church made it his personal mission to examine this book and get to the bottom of the mystery. He was fascinated by Enoch’s writings and loved exploring some of the more controversial issues found in the Bible.

The Encyclopedia of Lost and Rejected Scriptures: The Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha – Section One – Lost Scriptures of the Old Testament –

Lost Scriptures of the Old Testament

First Book of Adam and Eve

Second Book of Adam and Eve

First Book of Enoch

Second Book of Enoch (Secrets of Enoch)

Third Book of Enoch (Hebrew Enoch)


The  book of Jasher – Section Two – Apocalyptic Writings and the End of Days – Apocalypse of Abraham,

Apocalypse of Thomas,

2 Baruch,

War Scroll (Sons of Dark vs. Sons of Light) – Section Three – Lost Scriptures of the New Testament – Gospel of Philip,

Gospel of Mary Magdalene,

Apocryphon of John,

Gospel of Thomas,

Gospel of Judas,

Acts Chapter 29 – – Section Four – The Life and Times of Jesus –

Infancy Gospel of James,

Infancy Gospel of Thomas,

Life of Joseph The Carpenter,

Letters of Pilate,

Life of Saint Issaa –

Section Five – The Apocrypha –

1 Esdras,

2 Esdras,

1 Maccabees,

2 Maccabees,

3 Maccabees,

4 Maccabees,

Letter (Epistle) of Jeremiah,

The Prayer of Azariah,

1 Baruch,

Prayer of Manasseh (Manassas),

Bel and the Dragon,

Wisdom of Sirach,

Wisdom of Solomon,

The book of Esther,




Psalm 151,

1 Clements,

Shepherd of Hermas

The Didache

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