The Hidden Words of Jesus

The Hidden Words of Jesus

Otherwise known as the Agrapha, or “unwritten words” of Jesus, these sayings have been taken from the “The Apocryphal & Legendary Life of Christ,” by James De Quincey Donehoo (1903). This collection was compiled & arranged back at the turn of the 20th century from a multitude of sources. Many of these sayings will sound familiar to us, being that they are similar or nearly identical to sayings in the New Testament. Others turned out to be fragments from the Greek version of the Gospel of Thomas before anybody knew what their significance was. Many of these fragments were incomplete, so I’ve taken the liberty of correcting those in light of the Coptic version now available. Some of these sayings will challenge the reader, as they must have when they first circulated. People have a tendency to judge these things by their own standards or opinions. Other than a few other minor changes in wording, they remain substantially as recorded in the original volume, which is available for download at archive.org. Just hit the link below!

(I have not listed the many & diverse sources here, but they are enumerated by the Editor in the footnotes of each particular verse.)

The pdf I have used for the video will also be available for download here:

As always, if you enjoy these works, be sure to tell others about them & share them with whomever you like. Thanks for watching & for commenting. God Bless You All! 🙂

The Apocryphal and legendary life of Christ

Click to download here:

The Apocryphal and legendary life of Christ ; being the whole body of the Apocryphal gospels and other extra canonical literature which pretends to tell of the life and words of Jesus Christ, including much matter which has not before appeared in English. In continuous narrative form, with notes, Scriptural references, prolegomena, and indices

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